As Personal Coach, I support you to foremost identify and then fulfill your personal wishes and needs.

These can be related to your journey of self-improvement, dealing with personal issues or changing unwanted behaviours.
I use a wide range of methods and concepts. This enables you to gain new perspectives, which in turn open up new possibilities for action.

Under method you will find a detailed overview of the methods used, the systemic coaching approach and the course of coaching sessions.
I work solution-oriented. The results of a coaching session are for you achievable goals and actions.
Coaching Session
60-90 MIN

Coaching Session

A regular coaching sessions lasts 60-90 mins, depending on your needs. I offer an open mind and safe space for your concern.

Needs for a personal coaching are diverse and range across a multitude of topics. They can relate to creating a value-oriented life or improving the relationship with yourself.

Coaching Topics

What makes me happy? How can I fulfill my needs?
Cope with
How can I tackle my fears and find a way to cope with them?
How can I discover and develop my potential? How can I create more quality in my life?
Overcome negative self-perception
How can I create and maintain a positive image of myself?
How can I change my behaviours that bother me? How do I ensure the change remains?
Motivation to start new things
How can I find my motivation to start new things
How can I cope with my blockers and anxiety and overcome then?
Blockers & Anxiety
Work on inner conflicts
How can I discover and overcome my  inner conflicts?
Stress Management
How can I deal with a high level of stress and prevent a burnout?
How can I create and maintain a good balance between my professional and private life?
Decision-Making Problems
How can I find the best option and take a decision that I am satisfied with?
What are my values? How can I create a life that is in line with my values?
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I offer sessions in German and English, on-site or virtually.
Sessions & Packages
  • 60 mins - 120 €
  • 90 mins - 150 €
  • Full or half-day sessions upon request
  • Package with 5 Sessions (60 mins) - 500 €
Contact me to discuss your request and receive your tailored offer.
Coaching Pricing